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Single spray tan


5 spray tans prepaid

$200 ($40 Each)

10 spray tans prepaid

$360 ($36 each)

bondi sands professional tanning products


A one time application range that dries in moments and develops quickly to reveal a rich, natural looking tan. Our salon formula is enriched with Aloe Vera to keep your skin soft and smooth, and infused with the scent of fresh Coconut to keep it smelling delicious.

Bondi Sands fast drying Professional Spray Tan Solution may be washed off 2 hours after application, and is

available in 4 different solutions:

  • LIGHT/MEDIUM (8% DHA) Suitable for those with a light-medium complexion and first time tanners.

  • LIQUID GOLD (10% DHA) Suitable for most skin tones.

  • DARK (12% DHA) Suitable for those with an olive complexion or those who prefer a darker glow.

  • ULTRA DARK (14.5% DHA) Suitable for those with a dark complexion and experienced tanners looking for the darkest tan.

pre-tan care instructions

  • Shave or wax at least 24-48 hours prior to your Spray Tan appointment. This will give your skin time to settle and your pores to close.

  • Shower and exfoliate at least 2 hours before your tan, it will help provide a longer-lasting result and ensures a smooth, clean surface to apply the tan to. When exfoliating remember to pay attention to elbows, knees, ankles and problem dry areas.

  • Although not essential, the more you condition and moisturise your skin in the days prior and after your tan, the better and longer-lasting your results.

  • Avoid using bar soaps, high pH shower products, oil-based products or in-shower moisturisers 24hrs prior to your appointment. These products may act as a barrier against your skin.

  • It is important to note that if you suffer from eczema, dry skin, sunburn, peeling skin etc, we cannot guarantee a perfect tan, however, be sure to discuss these concerns with us when coming for your appointment.

  • If you take any type of skin medications (Roaccutane etc) or Thyroid Medications please inform our staff, as these can often interact with your Spray Tan.

  • Ensure you are not wearing moisturiser, deodorant or perfume on your skin at your appointment.

  • Wear loose fitting dark clothing.

post-tan care instructions

  • After the development time, shower for 45 secs with lukewarm water. Hot water can stop the development of tan actives. Do not be concerned if, during your shower, the water runs brown during your shower, this is just excess bronzer.

  • Don’t use shower gels, scrubs, shampoos or loofer during the first 24 hours after your treatment.

  • Pat your skin dry. Do not rub or scrub your skin.

  • Begin moisturising your skin the following day after your tan. Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised will result in a longer-lasting tan.

  • Avoid soaking in the bath or long hot showers as this will shorten the life of your tan.

  • Chlorine and Saltwater will reduce the life of your tan.

  • Avoid swimming, saunas, and vigorous exercise 24 hours after your tan, as sweating can inhibit the development of your tan.