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depigmentation spot out peel

advanced results

A professional depigmentation procedure that has been formulated to enhance the turnover of skin cells on the surface, effectively eliminating the accumulation of melanin and diminishing the production of melanin. The regulatory action of the Spot Out Kit Plus focuses on addressing the root cause of pigmentation by reducing melanin synthesis and preventing the transfer of melanin from deeper layers to the skin's surface.

The updated Spot Out Kit Plus now comes with a convenient home care kit, allowing clients to continue enhancing long-term results in the comfort of their own homes. This comprehensive solution is effective for various types of hyperpigmentation, including Melasma, Pigmentation, Age spots, and facilitates full skin renewal.

This 6-month program consists of one in-clinic peel and a 6-month homecare regime, ensuring a holistic approach to achieving optimal results.

6 month treatment including take home care kit   

A personalised procedure to start in our salon and continue at home  

1 hour | $1650

Includes the below at home care kit

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