our treatments

Anti-Ageing Treatment

$175 | 90 mins

Intensive anti-ageing skin treatment for new lines and dehydrated skin with Vitamin infusion for smoother, plumper, firmer skin. Deep cleansing peel, extensive massage, intensive serums and mask, finishing with a moisturiser and sun protection.

Acne Treatment

$150 | 90 mins

$650 | 6 Treatment Bundle

Our LACM peel is performed using Environ’s chemical strength products. It is a cooling peeling system to renew pores, sterilise the skin and kills bacteria, helping to decongest and clear blackheads and blemishes, controlling excessive oil. Leaving the skin softer and clearer. This treatment includes a Vitamin A infusion to help normalise skin cells and provides intense hydration with a seaweed alginate rubberising mask. Recommended as a course of 4-6 treatments carried out at fortnightly intervals.

Acne Scarring

$170 | 60 mins

A highly active Vitamin C treatment using only the freshest ascorbic acid to stimulate new collagen and elastin reducing the appearance of pigmentation and of fine lines while regaining suppleness and tone in the skin. This is mostly for brightening, acne scarring, deep lines, photoaging skin and pigmentation.

Eye Treatment

$95 | 30 mins

Just the treatment for tired eyes and droopy lids, peptides that will tighten and open up the eye area. Suitable for all people who would like to pay some extra attention to their eyes. With visible results.

Pigmentation Treatment

$165 | 60 mins

Has your lifestyle left you with skin that is showing you more wear and tear than you care for? A high-performance Vitamin A and C infusion using Environ’s highest level of Vitamins to improve and lighten pigmentation. This process normalises the skin and improves natural skin functions, which helps slow down the ageing process.

Sensitive/ Rosacea Treatment

$150 | 60 mins

Developed for people who suffer from Rosacea, Eczema, Dilated capillaries. This treatment will calm and strengthen the skin while reducing redness.

Vitamin Boost Treatment

$140| 60 mins

Minimises the appearance of wrinkles and sun-damage and regains suppleness and tones the skin. Revitalise and normalise the skin by improving cell oxygenation, metabolism and natural skin functions with Vitamin A, C, E and antioxidants.